Subscription Tips

Calzone is best experienced by subscribing or 'syncing' Calzone with your personal calendar or mailbox.

A calendar sync is done in one of two ways:

1. Subscribe

To be notified about future events not yet published in the calendar, select 'Subscribe'. Subscription options include various milestones, categories and IDN scripts.

Subscribe options are indicated with a green plus sign sub or the sub image.

You can also elect to receive email alerts whenever events are added to the calendar.

More details can be found on the Subscribe page.

2. Add To My Calendar

To be alerted about events already published in the calendar, select "Add To My calendar".

2a. Subscribe to Individual Events

If there are just a few sunrises or trademark claim periods you are concerned about, then you can track these events, provided they have been approved by ICANN.

Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are not published by ICANN and are typically provided by a Registry. These are indicated with the prefix: '[S]'