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Subscribing to the Calzone calendar

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Learn More About Your Subscribe Options

Here are the available options for subscribing to the Calzone calendar:
  1. iCalendar synchronization
  2. Email daily alerts and summaries
  3. RSS or Atom Feeds

1. iCalendar Synchronization

iCalendar is the data protocol used by all major online calendars, including: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Outlook and Live and Yahoo.

Simply select the choice called "Subscribe to iCalendar Feed" and the protocol will automatically detect the type of calendar you are using on your device. If this doesn't work, you can manually download the iCalendar file to your device and install into your personal calendar.

2. Email Daily Alerts and Summaries

Calzone has two types of email subscriptions:

  • Digests for Sunrise, Limited Registration and Trademark Claim Periods
  • An email digest contains a summary of up-coming events, typically for the next 8 weeks. These are sent weekly or every other week.

  • Daily Alerts for Registry Agreements, Delegations and Start-up Plans
  • Daily updates are sent ONLY if there is a new Registry Agreement, Delegation or Start-up Plan. There is also a monthly subscription reminder sent for these milestones.

3. RSS or Atom Feeds

Subscribing to RSS is for more technical users. These require a RSS Reader.


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